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Welcome to TEAM s.c.

You'll find everything you need here to make unique prints on polyester fabrics and knitwear.
Bring your products to life with an extremely durable sublimation printing technique.

Our experience

We spent a lot of years exploring the secrets of printing. We keep improving the printing techniques - to offer you the best quality products.

High quality

We use only the best printing components. The inks we use have all the necessary certificates. We modernize our technical facilities all the time, which gives the possibility of the highest quality product.

Our own graphic studio

We've created a graphic design department to make life easier for our customers. You do not have a pattern nor an idea for printing? Don't worry - our TEAM will make it for you.

Family company

Small company with big abilities and opportunities! We are constantly developing and expanding the spectrum of our services. We are the TEAM - we'll take care of your order - from start 'till the end.

We are there for YOU

We respect our clients. In cooperation we've made lots of interesting, creative and beautiful products for years. Quality and communication - are the most important things. We provide full service in digital printig - from the start 'till the end. Three easy steps:
1. You send us your design or we make it for you.
2. You'll get our fully advice in printing.
3. We'll take care of the whole production process - you don't have to worry about anything.

Our company has over 15-years experience. We are still improving our production skills to provide the best quality sublimation printing. We are using new generation of printing plotters with certified non toxic inks.


How to order prints? It's simple!

Just send us your graphic files in one of formats: .cdr, .ai, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd.
If you don't have your own pattern or design - just order them in our graphic studio. Attach some inspiration pictures so we'll make design that suits you the best.
We don't have fabrics on stock - you should order material on your own and send it to our company. We cooperate with selected fabrics manufacturers - we can give you contact to them, so you can easily order fabrics that are most suitable for sublimation printing.
We can make samples before the main production and send them to your acceptation.
We guarantee full confidentiality in all aspects of production (sewing patterns, designs, colors, etc.)

Pricing - patterns:

The most important are the dimensions of the pattern - width x height. We can prepare detailed pricing according to digital patterns (in .plt or .pdf), paper sewing patterns or cut-out elements.

Pricing - metric (on roll):

The price depends on roll width and quantity of printing meters. Maximum roll witdh = 160 centimeters / 62.99 inches. Printing a few different patterns on one roll is possible.

Thanks to modern technologies we fulfill orders quicker than the other companies. For very large orders - we set prices and delivery times (partial or full order) individually.

Feel free to contact us: - we'll answer all your questions!


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